Papers 2017

December 2017
Reactive oxygen species in Rhizobium infections - Frontiers in Plant Science
A role for salicylic acid in the regulation of small RNAs and gibberellins in virus infections - Frontiers in Plant Science
Relevance of plant translational regulation - Frontiers in Plant Science
A new saffron potyvirus - Journal of Plant Pathology
Characterization of a possible new effector (MdcE) dependent on the type III secretion system in Bradyrhizobium strains - FEMS Microbiology Letters
Nitrate signaling modulates flowering time in Arabidopsis - Journal of Experimental Botany
Citrate is required for iron delivery to nitrogen-fixing nodules - Plant Physiology
Engineering nitrogenase for plants and fungi – What is achieved and what remains? -  FEMS Microbiology Letters
About bioinformatic preparation of rare disease data - Springer International Publishing
November 2017
A regulation for seed germination based on the physical separation of enzyme and substrate - Planta
Another step towards engineering biological nitrogen fixation: diversity of NifB, the key to FeMo-co biosynthesis - Frontiers in Plant Science
Generation of a synthetic biology toolkit for the expression of heterologous proteins in yeast mitochondria - BMC Biotechnology
Identified a new plant virus species native of evergreen oak forests of the Iberian Peninsula and the factors associated with its incidence and population genetic diversity - Frontiers in Plant Science
Arthropod peptidase inhibitors: An example of relationship between gene diversity and biological diversity - PLoS One
Iron deficiency and immune responses to allergens able to bind iron chelators - Metallomics
Machine learning to analyze virus evolution - Genome Biology and Evolution
Viruses manipulate host plants for their own benefit - Virus Evolution
New insights in the role of protein N-glycosylation in root development - Journal of Experimental Botany
The gene regulatory module miRNA172/TOE1/FT plays a key role in the feeding sites induced by Meloidogyne javanica in Arabidopsis thaliana - New Phytologist
October 2017
β-glucan-triggered plant innate immunity - Plant Journal
Differential plant gene expression provides insights on the specificity of the symbiosis between different Lupinus species and nitrogen-fixing bacteria of the genus Bradyrhizobium - Plant Science
The ligand of the major allergen protein from peach is the main player in the induction of allergic sensitization - Clinical & Experimental Allergy
Tolerance is a virus-specific defence in plants - Molecular Plant Pathology
Deciphering the roles of chloroplast ionic transporters - Plant and Cell Physiology
September 2017
The wild vine. An important phytogenetic resource without legal protection in Spain - Revista Iberoamericana de Viticultura
Overexpression of DEMETER, a DNA demethylase, promotes early apical bud maturation in poplar - Plant, Cell & Environment
A barley protease causes opposite effects against an acari and a fungus - Frontiers in Plant Science
Barley grain size depends on pericarp programmed cell death executed by VPE4 - New Phytologist
First active NifB protein purified from a eukaryotic cell - Frontiers in Plant Science
August 2017
Pathogen-specific, plant cell wall-mediated immunity - The Plant Journal
Tpc1, a fungal-specific transcription factor required for polar growth and pathogenesis in the rice blast fungus - PLoS Pathogens
The chromatin protein EARLY BOLTING IN SHORT DAYS regulates seed dormancy in Arabidopsis - Plant, Cell & Environment
The properties of plant cell wall governing guard cell and stomata opening dynamics inferred by computational modelling  - Plant Journal
MtZIP6 is the transporter responsible for zinc uptake by nitrogen-fixing cells in Medicago truncatula nodules - Plant Cell Environm
MtMOT1.3  is the transporter responsibal for molybdenum uptake by nitrogen-fixing cells in Medicago truncatula nodules. - New Phytol
Gene silencing acts as an antiviral defense mechanism in Botrytis - Molecular Plant Pathology
July 2017
Resistance-breaking mutations in a plant RNA virus inform about virus life history evolution - Journal of Virology
Chilling-responsive DEMETER-LIKE DNA demethylase mediates in poplar bud break - Plant, Cell & Environment
Bacteria-fungus association with mycorrhiza-promoting potential  - Fungal Biology
Plant Cell wall integrity alterations caused by stresses are sensed by molecular pathways involving the Receptor Like Kinase MIK2/LRR KISS - PLoS Genetics
Plant-made virus-like nanoparticles log-increase the ability to sense antibodies - Journal of Biotechnology
June 2017
A method to increase yields in the search for protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions - Plant Gene Regulatory Networks
Real-Time monitoring of transcriptional activity in poplar transactivation assays - Plant Methods
MATI, a novel protein involved in the regulation of herbivore-associated signalling pathways - Frontiers in Plant Science
May 2017
About giant cell induction in nematode-attacked plants - Frontiers in Plant Science
The proteinaceous nature of an important allergen from prickly salwort pollen - Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Saffron viruses identified in Iran - Iranian Journal of Plant Protection Science
Science in Europe is dangerously weak - Science and Public Policy
Microvirga sp, is a new endosymbiont of yellow-lupine (Lupinus luteus) in soils of Northern Tunisia - FEMS Microbiology Ecology
The olive pathogen Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. savastanoi NCPPB3335 suppresses the plant defense response through the function of two proteins from the HopAO effector family - Frontiers in Plant Science
Factors that affect food-induced anaphylaxis - Frontiers in Immunology
Improving tomato Biomass Production and Yield under Salinity Stress Conditions using CDF3 Genes - Frontiers in Plant Science
April 2017
Nitrate-dependent sodium uptake for osmotic adjustment - Plant Journal
Principal mechanisms that regulate translation initiation in plants - Frontiers in Plant Science
The protein HOP3 plays an essential role during endoplasmic reticulum stress in plants - Plant Signaling & Behavior
Early branching development of RAV1 engineered poplars, is maintained during a field trial - Biotechnology for Biofuels
A new type of bacterial transposon - Scientific Reports
One way to achieve FAIRness when publishing your data - PeerJ Computer Science
Revisiting the FAIR Principles for scholarly publication - Information Services & Use
Grape berry skin color studies through biochemical and molecular approaches - Food Research International
Nitrate-dependent transporters are involved in sodium accumulation in Arabidopsis - Plant Journal
March 2017
Nickel: the dose makes the poison - The Biological Chemistry of Nickel
Host plant use by two distinct lineages of the tomato red spider mite, Tetranychus evansi, differing in their distribution range - Journal of Pest Science
The pseudokinase MRH1 interacts with the plant potassium channel AKT2 and contributes to its regulation in vivo - Scientific Reports
Measuring jasmonate-auxin crosstalk - Springer New York
Unveiled the nature of the ligand of Pru p 3, the major allergen from peach - Plant Molecular Biology
Genomics of stress-induced senescence - Progress in Botany
Wild grapevine in Andalusia (South Spain) - Comptes Rendus Biologies
February 2017
First attempt to assemble full functional nitrogenase in eukaryotes - ACS synthetic biology
CBGP researchers describe new methodologies to characterize plant cell wall Damage-Associated Molecular Patterns regulating immune responses - Springer New York
A new mitochondrial component involved in germination and seedling establishment - Frontiers in Plant Science
Short-Chain Chitin Oligomers: Promoters of Plant Growth - Marine Drugs
Food allergen Pru p 3 effectiveness via sublingual therapy - Clinical & Experimental Allergy
Transcriptional regulators AtbZIP9 and AtAZF2 control the expression of the gene that encodes the protein AtTrxo1 important for the Redox homeostasis upon seed germination - Journal of Experimental Botany, Redox Biology
HOP3 is a new regulator of endoplasmic reticulum stress response - Plant, Cell & Environment
DNA Polymerase epsilon is actively involved in replicative stress sensing - Plant Physiology
January 2017
Root development is regulated by the action of a nitrilase on auxin synthesis in seedlings - Frontiers in Plant Science
Important diversity of rhizobia nodulating hairy lupine (Lupinus micranthus) in northern Tunisia - Applied and Environmental Microbiology
CDF3 orchestrates both flowering time and abiotic stress responses in Arabidopsis - Plant, Cell & Environment