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Plant chromatin warms up in Madrid - Epigenetics.


Purification strategies for the SAM radical protein NifB - Methods in Molecular Biology.

Working with oxygen sensitive proteins - Methods in Molecular Biology.

SIO – helping machines explore biological data - Journal of Biomedical Semantics.

A powerful tool for the functional characterization of plant transcription factors - Plant Journal.


"Bio-Hackers" update us on their global data integration progress - J. Biomed. Semantics.

Coordinated expression of nitrogen fixation genes - Journal of Bacteriology.

Jasmonates mediates plant cell wall modifications which protect against Dickeya dadantii infection - Plant Journal.

How do metals mediate symbiotic nitrogen fixation? - Frontiers in Plant Science.

Plantation forestry under global warming: first thermotolerant trees - Plant Physiology.


First role assigned to a ferredoxin in nitrogenase biosynthesis - FEBS Letters.

Reciprocal responses in the interaction between Arabidopsis and spider mite - Plant Physiology.

Mycovirus of the fungus Botrytis cinerea - Annals of Applied Biology.


In large parts of the world, aluminum in the soil is a problem for plant cultivation - The Plant Journal.

Plant viral nanoparticles modified to increase specific peptide immune response and as antibody sensors in biological fluids - Journal of Biotechnology.

Two different strains of the same virus induce different senescence degrees in the infected plant, mediated by salicylic acid - MolPlant-MicrobeInteract.

Nia ATPase mediates iron detoxification in legume nodules - Metallomics.

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